Help to set up time groups

I created a time group to redirect the calls to voicemail at 7:00 PM.
I would like to be able to dial .280 or something like that and be able to activate the redirecction to voicemail, this is because sometimes we have a meeting and no one is available. is possible to enable it and disable it just dialing something?
Thanks in advance…

Yes, every time condition has a feature code which allows you to manually override it.


I already tried but not sure what setting use.

Don’t set it to anything.

When you want to override dial the feature code

I already did that but all the calls keep going thru.
I dial and I use the code to activated, but still the calls keep passing.

Post a “failed” call log or we are all whistling in the dark :slight_smile:

Or post your call flow design and screenshots of your time condition and time group

You are probably missing some step.
1.- create time group
2.- create time condition and apply the time group
3.- modify inbound route to send calls to time condition

Ha. i assumed that he has done this steps already…

I already did all these steps, the problem is if they miss one or two calls the time group goes to active, I do not want that, Actually I will prefer to dial *273 to activate and deactivate I don’t really need to set up times, just be able to enable or disable the unavailable message is that possible?
Thanks in advance…

Maybe I need to use Call Flow??
Not sure, any advise?

Time conditions don’t work like that, missed calls do not modify the condition, if I understand your post correctly

Not sure, I configure a call flow control and looks like is working fine for me.
Thanks to all!!

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