Help to access FreePBX from outside

Hello guy,

N00b here.

I’m using FreePBX 13.0.197

For several years we’ve been using FreePBX with only “internal” phones: all the phones where on the LAN and it worked like a charm.

We mainly use Digium phones (D40, D50 and D70).

Using the “Digium Phones” modules (DPMA), everything has been very easy: the phones see the FreePBX server and provision themselves.

Now for the first time, I’d like to have a few of those Digium phones on a remote location which could connect over the Internet.

Therefore, I’ve been looking for instructions how to do that but haven’t found what I was looking for…

Here are my questions:

  1. What ports do I need to forward to my FreePBX box?

  2. How can the Digium phones provision themselves but from the outside?

  3. How can I make sure the security is tight, if I open my server to the dangerous world wide web?

  4. Anything else I need to know?

For the best security, use OpenVPN, that way you don’t need to open the SIP port to the exterior. If you have a licensed sysadmin module, you can configure the VPN through the FreePBX GUI. If not, you will have to edit the configuration files manually. Or, if your router has the OpenVPN server functionality, you can use that.


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