Help Spec'ing a Build

Hi All, Can anyone help with setting up the system requirements for a new system I need to build.

The system will handle a Maximum of 550 Concurrent Calls, routing these calls from one trunk inbound out to 10 outbound trunks.

The system wont have any extensions, voicemail or anything other than maybe 10 concurrent calls that need to transcoded (G729 to G711); however this requirement is in the process of being removed.

The system its going to be hosted on is a VMware ESXI 6.7 Host running on a PowerEdge R640 with 15k SAS drives.

Many Thanks!

I think you should look at SBCs rather than using FreePBX as one.

But if you want to stick to FreePBX, I’d say 8GB RAM, 4vCPU and SSD at least 50 GB.

I sadly dont have the budget for SBC hardware. We actually take our calls directly from an Oracle SBC but we want to build in some flexibility so I can control were my calls go to.

I definitely have the space on this host to meet those requirements, I could even double them just to be 100% sure.

When you say 550 concurrent calls you mean 550 user calls and 1100 channels on that machine?

I honestly never run that amount of channels on a machine, but this is what I assume.

There’s also some call stress test tools which allows you to test before putting this machine into production.

Yeah 550 user calls passing through the system.

Where can I get those stress test tools? That would be a brilliant resource to help me make sure this would work before changing any upstream configuration.

If you don’t need to proxy the media (no recording, not listening for DTMF, no network addressing issues), this should be easy. Once a call is answered, its RTP would not hit Asterisk at all.

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