Help Setting up new FreePBX VoIP box

Ok. So I’m new to Telecom and phone systems in general (our phone guy left and I got stuck with it). Including the 2 months i’ve been doing it here, i have 2 months experience so forgive any seemingly stupid questions. I’m kinda flying blind on what i’m doing. I was given the task to build a new VoIP box and installed the Asterisk’s iso version w/ free PBX. But now i’m looking at the web interface and its not showing some of the options that i need to have such as IVR, queues, queue routing, etc… How do i go about enabling or installing these parts.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

I already gave you the link to the modules repo in my previous post.

If you have a proxy server you will have to download the modules you need from (use wget) and then install using module_admin or from the web based module admin.

I see where i can upload modules directly into freePBX, is there anywhere i can go to download modules that i need to my workstation?

Its telling me that cannot connect to My company uses a proxy server, do i need to set that anywhere?

I’ve looked through those and everyhting i can find about the IVR states that i need to click on the IVR tab. But the IVR tab is not there.

I have screen shots if there is anyway to up load them.

Click on Module Admin, then Check for updates online.

This is a good start: