Help setting up iConnecthere and a question

I appreciate the difficulty in helping with service-provider issues but I’m trying to tackle this from a more generic level.

I have an account with iConnecthere (a Deltathree outfit).

Outbound calls are normally without issue.
On the incoming side though I was facing intermittent problems because (in the user part of the trunk settings) I’d defined the host as a specific IP address (they do not declare a URL on incoming, just the IP address) - this was my feeble attempt at securing incoming calls. Deltathree actually use the entire 254 addresses (or at least a number of addresses within that range) to send incoming calls. My freepbx (1.812.210.57-1 Distro) rightly drops anything undefined. SO it was hit & miss.

I figured the “host” entry in the user section of a trunk is only used to “accept” calls, and wondered if it might be possible to code the host as xxx.yyy.zzz.0 ? (i.e. for the entire range of addresses?)

IT IS possible!!

I’m wondering if there is a way to pick a smaller range such as xxx.yyy.zzz.123-xxx.yyy.zzz.138 (perhaps for a slightly more structured approach - Not an issue with iConnecthere but thought I’d ask for future reference.