Help setting default "wait time" before system dials the number

I have a few users who are complaining about the time between when they finish entering a number, and the time that Asterisk actually places the call.

Not sure what this is called, hence my lack of success in searching for a solution… but let me describe my scenario:

  1. We dial internationally quite often.
  2. Some numbers (in Indonesia for example) are 10 digits long, and others are 11 digits long.
  3. When I originally had a mask of 10 digits (maximum), it would not allow the users to dial 11 digit numbers, so I added another x to my dial mask in the phone, and added an x to the end of my outbound rule, so that now users can dial 10 or 11 digits.

The irritation for some users is that when they dial an 11 digit number the system immediately dials it. But if they dial a 10 digit number, the system waits (about 7 or 8 seconds or ??) presumably waiting in case they decide to press one more digit.

I simply tell the users to dial their number and then press the DIAL button on their phone - which dials right away, but some users are whiners… they give up and hang up after 6 seconds… because they didn’t hear the system dial.

Is there some place to either tell the system to wait a shorter time for the last digit? or is there a different mask I should be using? or any tips?

Thank you in advance!