Help - Schedules/Alerts asternic report

can u help
help - Schedules/Alerts asternic report

that is not one of our modules, commercial or otherwise

its written by a 3’rd party and they should be contacted for support

ive seen the module but have no recollection of a scheduler within it but i was only using the free version - perhaps thats something available with their paid version … along with support

They have a feature which allows you to schedule weekly/daily/monthly reports.

Good luck for OP… even with paid support, they are very not responsive recently.

Chris, The truth is. A dashboard like FOP2 and a reporting solution like Asternic reports are important tools for managers and supervisors.

But it has 2 major downsides:

  1. It’s not supported by FreePBX.
  2. It sometimes actually breaks FreePBX.

I knows there’s iSymphony, which is officially supported by FreePBX, but it’s sometimes a resources eater and crashes, we had no good experience. :frowning:

I know you guys have worked hard on the Queue Wallboard, I also understand the pricing and it makes sense. But why would a user purchase a wallboard which allows you to view only queue activity, when they can purchase for much cheaper FOP2 which allows them to view all extensions, trunks, ring groups, park, conference activities, Including controls like transfer, answer, listen and whisper etc?

I see there are cool stuff coming to FreePBX, like the call accounting module which was recently discussed here, and we are looking forward to the day when FreePBX/Sangoma will offer a full supported monitoring and reporting solution.

To clarify: I am not here to try to convince or recommend users to install FOP2 etc. I am asking and looking forward for a supported solution from FreePBX/Sangoma.

P.S. if you look through my post history you can see I actually recently complained here about paid Asternic support…

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