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Hello all,
I am newbie here.

I am a reseller for (TFN / DID / EXTNESIONS) for indian clients who wish to dial USA / CANADA for selling their products and services.

I use to buy these (TFN / DID / EXTNESIONS) from VONAGE and sell it on a bit higher prices because no client have CREDIT CARDS with which they can buy VONAGE services.

Now, I want to set up my own PBX and sell those services because there is very less profit with VONAGE.

Most of the order comes in this pattern
1 DID with 5 Extensions
1 DID with 7 Extensions
1 DID with 8 Extensions
1 DID with 10 Extensions

And I have a total of 25 clients in hand. Each uses 1 DID every month with average given number of extensions ranging from 5 - 10

I have taken one month trial Platinum FreePBX VPS

Can anyone help me, what to do next ? I am not sure, what to do next.

You are creating a multi-tenant solution. FreePBX is unsuited to multi-tenant solutions. There are other systems that are better suited to multi-tenant solutions. You can do it with FreePBX, but it’s going to be a tough go.

Hello , first of all , thanks for the reply.

Yes, I am trying to create multi-tenant solution. Which other options do i have for this requirement ?


You could start looking at a Session Border Controller. Sangoma sells one that should be close to what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something a little less “monetary”, you could look at the class of software that include “Kamilio” (I think that’s spelled right).

There are also systems based on FreeSwitch that work OK as multi-tenant solutions, but those can get spendy too.

You may still need FreePBX to do everything you need to do, but I’d recommend going with a “one-for-one” implementation either in cheap hardware (with an SBC in front) or in Virtual Machines in expensive hardware (one per client).

I’m not saying that you can’t do what you are wanting to do with FreePBX, but because it’s not really suited to a bunch of “unrelated” sites running on the server, doing it is just hard. For example, you can’t really use Parking Lots to park calls in a traditional way. There are also other things that are geared towards an “enterprise” kind of solution that don’t translate well into a multi-tenant system.

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