Help: Push last inbout callers number with PHP to different server

For a small domotica project here at home I would like to display the last callers number.

Basically I would like FreePBX (asterisk) to “push” the incoming callers number to a server on my lan.
ie: h t t p://lan-ip/page.php?inboutnumber=1234567890.

Anyone here who might know of such PHP script, or a way of doing this myself (I do have some knowledge of PHP)

Installing anything on the “domotica” server itself is no option )-:


I would suggest you take a look at CID Superfecta…

I know it already does that kind of notifications for things such as MythTV and the like…

edit: There is even the possibility of a “Send to URL” which sounds exactly like what you want…

Good luck and have a nice day!


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This does look like it’s exactly what I need!

Thank you for the tip.!

You are welcome!

Have a nice day!