Help Provisioning Polycom phones with Endpoint Manager

Hi -

I’m new to FreePBX (though familiar with Asterisk). We’re running FreePBX version on top of Asterisk 11.4, and I’m having trouble getting our Polycom phones to get the latest SIP application and config using the Endpoint manager. I’m trying to use HTTP provisioning.

I was able to download all the latest firmware using the Endpoint Configuration manager, and enable the models of phones that we have. That seemed to work as the phone picked up the new boot rom without any trouble the first time it booted. However, it seems that the phones are not able to get the application code or configuration. Specifically, I’m getting 404 errors from the httpd server when it tries to get the 000000000000.cfg and .cfg files. This is from the apache access_log: - - [16/Jul/2013:01:38:54 -0400] “GET /provisioning/p.php/000000000000.cfg HTTP/1.1” 404 - “-” “FileTransport PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_550-UA/”

What am I missing here? It looks like p.php should be generating that 000000000000.cfg on the fly, but it’s not. Do I need to move the $mac.cfg to a different location?

Any assistance is appreciated.


simply saying you will use http is not enough. my guess is that you have the files in the tftpboot directory but of course what do I know. verify that the directory the files are in is readable by apache.

where did you put the files?

I used the the automatic download function in “Connectivity->OSS Endpoint Configuration”. It put the bootrom, application code and config files in a number of different directories that were not necessarily where p.php was looking.

It took a little bit of tracing of p.php, but I discovered where all the files are expected to be.

In case anyone else wants to use HTTP provisioning with Polycom phones on FreePBX and has this same problem. Here’s the proper steps:

  1. Under “Connectivity->OSS Endpoint Advanced Settings”:
  • For the “IP address of phone server” field, press the “Determine for me” link on the right.
  • Change the “Configuration Type” field to: “Web (HTTP)”
  • Change the “Global Final Config & Firmware Directory” field to: /admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/polycom/
    (Where is whatever you have configured in httpd.conf as your “DocumentRoot”)
  • Submit, Apply
  1. Go to “Connectivity->OSS Endpoint Configuration” and click on the Install button under Polycom. Then click on the buttons to download the firmware and then enable all the Polycom models you have.

  2. Go to a command prompt and search for the downloaded files on your system:

    find / -name *sip.ld
    find / -name *bootrom.ld
    find / -name 000000000000.cfg

Move the files you find to these locations:
Bootrom: (*bootrom.ld)

SIP Application Code: (*sip.ld)

Config Files: (000000000000.cfg, $mac.cfg, etc)

  1. Configure your extensions to use these provisioning files. If you’re using simple extensions, go to: “Applications->Extensions”, create or open an extension, and enter the mac address of the phone in the “MAC Address”. Then select the Brand, Model, and Number of Lines. Submit, Apply.

  2. Set DHCP option 66 on your DHCP server to be:

    (Where is the hostname or IP of your freepbx system)

  3. Reboot your phone. It will probably take a while, as it will be downloading new bootrom and application code.

Good luck!