Help please, BLF showing remote VPN phone as busy

I’ve searched the community and Wiki pages but can’t so far find the answer.

I am up to date with all software and firmware.

I successfully created a Sangoma S500 VPN extension at my home office. I have BLF set up via EPM and at my store all phones on the LAN side see my home extension as BLF red and busy although pressing the BLF will connect calls to my home phone OK.

On the home office VPN phone all the BLF work fine, I can see when phones at the store are busy, etc.

I’m missing something and any advice is appreciated.

core show hints 3180

shows state as ‘in use’ regardless of phone is powered up or even disabled in VPN Server Clients



And what was the issue?

I was unable to put my finger on it. I did a cold reboot of the server and it cleared the issue and BLF is working now.
I’m curious if the problem will return when I power down and restart the VPN phone, I will check that when I get home.

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