Help picking out hardware for a new PBX system

I started out asking questions about my ability to successfully setup a PBX system here after determining to proceed I was hoping to get some advice on what hardware to purchase.

My current setup is as follows:
Asterisk (Ver.
FreePBX (
4 POTS 1 of them is for fax and is not currently running though PBX system
3 Polycom SoundPoint 500 devices
5 Polycom SoundPoint 501 devices
3GB ram
Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz

Taking the advice from the forums I plan on keeping the old phones. I figure if I end up having issue I can always purchase replacements later.

Main System:
FreePBX Classic
For the amount of activity we have I am assuming this is more then enough of a computer. I wish it was rack mount but will get a Server Rack Cabinet Shelf

Analog Card
Sangoma B600DE Analog Voice Card: 4 Ports FXO + 1 Port FXS with hardware echo canceller PCI
I am planning on buying it from schmooze and it is not clear if it comes with 2 Standard RJ11 Y-Cable Port Splitters. Dose anyone know? If I have to I could make them myself but would rather not if not needed.

Other thoughts:
It sounds like FreePBX 12 is Coming Soon Should I wait? We have worked with the old system for almost a year and while we are having problems they are not urgent yet.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


Sorry the classic is not rackmount. Its just most users wanting a system for under 50 extensions do not have racks so this desktop/wallmount box works perfect for them.

Yes the Sangoma Cards come with the yellow cards.

No FreePBX 12 will be a long Alpha/Bets cycle and once it stabilizes you can upgrade on the fly to it.

I completely understand why it is not rack mount and I am sure it drops the cost as well. Just happens to not work as well for me.

Yes the Sangoma Cards come with the yellow cards.
Can you elaborate on what this means? I am assuming this means I will not need to make "Y-Cable Port Splitters" but the fancy terms you are using confuses me...

Thanks for giving me peace if mind on FreePBX 12 option.

Anyone have an opinion on the hardware selection? will the computer handle 8 users? Is there a better card I should be getting? What about the plan to use my old phones?

I have decided I need one more phone. Any advice on what brand I should go with out of Yealink, Digium, or Aastra?

From user continuity I would go with a Polycom 550 or 650 depending on how many buttons you need. If it’s for an exec a color IP670 is nice. I happen to have one with a side car (color) for sale.

Thank you so much for all your help.