Help: phone in a subnet other than that of FreePBX

i have a telephone connected a Voip-Router (Voip-router have as IP and the telephone doesn’t receive the service from FreePBX (FreePBX have as IP I’ve added voip-router subnet ip in “Asterisk SIP Settings” (, i’ve enabled NAT and it doesn’t work yet. How do i have to set up FreePBX and the telephone?

You need to be able to route between the two networks. Can the 192.168.0 and 192.168.1 network ping each other?

no, but voip-router is already used for voip calls and it works

Not an Asterisk type of issue, this is an IP routing issue.

Can you ping? No, then you need to fix that before you continue.
Us a laptop connect to the same LAN to troubleshoot your LAN connection before you involve the PBX.

There is the route, i’ve issues on router NAT. This is the entry that i’ve added, VirtualBox IP and 5060 port.