[HELP] One way audio, NOT behind NAT

Hi all,

I am very new to all of this so forgive me if some of my questions don’t make sense
I experience 1-way audio when I place calls. I can hear them but they can not hear me.
If I bypass asterisk and call through the gsm gateway directly, there is absolutely no problem with the audio.

My system:
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Asterisk 11.16
Portech mv-378 gsm gateway

Use case:
I want to call in my asterisk server and have asterisk direct the call to the appropriate port depending on the number dialed. Instead of carrying 4 phones, I can leave the other sims at the office and take advantage of in-network dialing using Asterisk routes & trunks for the logic and the gsm gateway to make the calls using a sim from the appropriate network. I initiate the calls from a sip client using an extension that I created in the asterisk server and that registers fine.

Here is my configuration:
The asterisk server and the portech gateway are connected via a switch directly into the isp cable connection, not a router and each has device has its own public IP so there should be no firewall and no NAT.

I created an extension (11116666) that registers into my asterisk from the cellular network.

I have a feeling the problem might have to do with my incoming trunk settings, but I do not know how to set them up properly. Right now, the incoming settings fo my trunks are totally empty!

Please let me know if there is any file or outputs I could provide to help you guys help me… Thank you!

You are asking for trouble leaving it exposed like that, just saying.

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thanks for your reply! Like I said, I am new to this… How can I secure it? Any suggestion is welcomed :smile:

Put it behind a router and allow only the necessary ports required to make it work, firewall if this is not possible, so you can again restrict what can come into and from your server.