Help on PIN for each extension when making outbound call

We had about 100 extension, and a trunk making international call. The user will need to pay when they are making outbound call, but the problem is we can’t prevent extension 205 user using extension 201 user’s soft/hard phone making outbound call.

Is there any way to set a PIN for each user when making outbound call, like 201 PIN is 1234. 205 PIN is 4321, 205 can’t use 201 soft/hard phone with PIN 4321.

That would be nice, if it can be setup that way… By the way you can see record of outbound calls made together with the PIN used on the phpmyAdmin>>database>>asteriskcdrdb. You can browse the data or better yet export it as a spreadsheet. This might help…

Thanks for the cdr information, I can try to add the PIN 201123456 and 205654321 in the PINset (for 201 and 205) and don’t let them know each other PIN. Although 205 can use 205654321 to call from 201 phone, but I still can check the PIN details from cdr.

But I found out some time the PIN is disable when I applied another changes in freepbx, is there any way to solve it?

Pinsets might help you somehow with your problem… although pinsets can be used by each user on different telephone units ex. User1 has a pin 12345 he can use it to make outbound calls on locals 205,201, etc…

I had try it, but the problem happen is 205 and 201 both had PIN to make outbound call, but user 205 using user 201’s phone (configure with 201 extension and secret) to make call when 201 is not around or on leave, and the CDR only show 201 making outbound call.

So I want to setup different PIN for each extension and don’t let them share the PIN, I think this could help to lower the chance for this problem happen.