Help Offsite AASTRA 9133i phone setting

My boss have a phone at home and was working great.
The phone stop to work and ask me to fix it.

In line one setting from the phone webpage i have set:
The extension is setup to 108
We have a fixed ip adress for work
need to know what i’m doing wrong.
I think he factory restore the phone.

I tried to put only phone number(108) and Authentication Name(108)and secret passcode and enter fixed office ip adress like in my Xlite laptop phone thing

The phone indicate NO SERVICE and red side light is on.

Please help

Found my problem!!!

On my DI-524 the firewall is activated so i had to activated port 5060 UDP and port 10000 to 20000 to have to phone to work but i can not have the time on the phone from the system