HELP:: No Audio in or out of FreePBX. Sipstation / Recent upgrade to Latest FreePBX 14

Trunk Sipstation (SIP_CHAN)
FreePBX Version: FreePBX 'VoIP Server’

This was working when I first started upgrading… Had issues with registering Sipstation. Recreated and rekeyed the configuration… I removed everything from inbound routes and recreated. Now, I got one of the trunks to register. Truck2 is apparently offline. I’m able to call in and I see the logs stating its playing a file not no audio… Call out rings my cell phone but no audio outbound either. No ringing audio outbound as well. No audio what so ever. I have all FIREWALL ports NAT’ed to the box. So all ports are being forwarded. I’ve searched the forums with no luck as well. I’m made some many changes to the SIP settings that I wish there was a go back to default settings button.

Also, when pressing keys in the IVR, it doesn’t appear to register either.

Could someone tell me what to look for…

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!! Thanks in advance.

Take a look at sngrep from command line - it should help identify the issue

( change translation to use font encoding if using putty for the pretty arrows on sip flows )

Check your public IP , does it match your contact IP

Are you using Chan_sip or pjsip and do the any trunks show registered from asterisk perspective ? You mentioned trunk 2 being offline
If you open a sipstation ticket and send in your public ip I’ll confirm it’s not banned - mention me in description or something

using Chan_SIP… I was suspecting an IP ban because I did replace an older FreePBX 12 machine with this new 14 box. I will create that ticket and I do appreciate the help.

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