Help new to all this :)

OK so I am really new to this system and dont really have much of an idea what im doing :slight_smile:

Anyway I have installed astrix Now beta that uses FreePBX on a virtual server.

The server appears to be running fine I can browse to the web interface page and login with no issues.

I am stuck on getting a softphone to connect really.

I have created an extention but when trying to connect to that ext using a softphone it jsut times out.

Do you have to create user accounts and link them to the ext or anything?

I have not really been able to find any decent tutorials on this so am turning to you guys…

Also whats the best free softphone to use? Currently using MizuPhone but have also tried a few others.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance


ok dont worry I figured it out LOL…

spent ages on it and 5 seconds after posting this I figured it LOL

Small helping hand. Search for the Dumb-me guides, Without Tears series of documents. There was not one yet written for AsteriskNow but the one for PIAF or trixbox will do as both use the same GUI and make it all 90% the same.

While jumping in and winging it is a great thing it also helps to do some reading to get a understanding of everything so that you don’t go through exactly what you just did.

Yes distro’s make it look so easy. You download a ISO, burn a disc and pop it in and 25 minutes later yes you can have a working phone system. BUT 95% of the time the first time that does not happen as you don’t know how it’s all laid out or what things mean terminology wise. So doing some reading to get up to speed is the best thing.

great thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Using X-lite software at the moment… is there a way to populate the address book from the asterisk server?

Anyway will try and look for those guides you mentioned tomorrow :slight_smile: