Help needed


I have an office with 5 work stations, 1 isdn line ( intracom netmod) that provides 2 analog and 2 msn numbers and a pstn line with 1 number and adsl internet access.

I have bought these:
a) openVox B100p
b) OpenVox A400P10
c) 4 Grandstream GXP1400
d) 1 Grandstream DP715 DECT Cordless IP Phone

From the shop i bought them, the seller advised me to install elastix and told me that everything is going to work like a charm and that i’ll be able to make the settings easily. (i’m not an IT).

My questions are: Are all these components going to work with freePBX DISTRO?
Will it be as easy to install and set up the call center, as the seller told me that it is going to be with elastix?

any advice would be useful.

Elastix includes FreePBX but we take a different approach.

If Spanish is your native language you may get more help in the Elastix forums as they are in Ecuador.

You could also install the FreePBX distro and buy 1 hour of support. The engineers will setup your cards and phones and then configuring GUI is simple.

Do you know anything about networking, what a default gateway, netmask DHCP is? You need to know these things to configure your phones.

No, I doubt it, that’s probably all Greek to him :slight_smile:

Go with the paid help sofocles, it will save you a lot of pain.

from what you say, i got my answer, the cards i bought are going to play with freepbx distro.
As for the hardware set up (connecting the cables to the phones, installing the software to the pc adding a switch that might be needed in the ethernet cables…) ok i can do it.
As for the software setup, really, i wasnt going to loose 2 weeks trying to figure out what i have to do and how.
I will go with the support on that…