Help needed to display caller id on FXS OpenVox A400P

Hope someone can help, i have installed a OpenVox A400P using dahdi
Using FreePBX
So far i can receive calls on the fxo it display callers id from external numbers in asterisk and call logs, if i forward to a softphone sip extension the caller id is displayed, if i forward to the fxs on the card it will not. If i call from softphone to fxs as a extension to extension call that does not display id either.
I know that my phone is ok as when plugged directly into the phone socket it displays callerid. Aside from that i have everything working perfectly with the OpenVox A400P.
Hope somebody can share their thoughts, am i missing something silly

The loadzone even though in the uk, has to be US for fxs to see incoming numbers in dahdi/system.conf