Help needed: FreePBX Ver 3.10.0-957.21.3.e17.x86_64

I’ve inherited this phone system and have up to this point never managed a linux based system. I work in a school which recently suffered from some localised power cuts. The UPS did there job perfectly and from what I can see none of the servers or VMS were affected. However since the power cuts out phones have been dropping at random interval, sometimes every 20 mins anywhere up to 22 hours. The only way to fix this is to reset the VM, which only takes a minute to do.

I need to resolve this ASAP before I commit to ripping it out and installing something new. The phone system is also configured as our DHCP server.

Any help ideas is appreciated but like I said, I have no linux experience so I’ll need real lamens speak if you can.

Sounds like you might benefit from commercial support, link is above.

In the GUI if you browse to Admin, System Admin what do you see for pbx version numbers?

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