Help, Need Default iax_general_custom.conf

I accidentally erased iax_general_custom.conf

What should it contain as default?


I’ll double check on one of my servers tomorrow

It’s empty, as are all the custom files until you customize them.

extensions_custom.conf has some examples in it.

Mine had two lines in it and I accidently cleared them and saved and now my iax phones wont register.

You had to add those lines yourself, it is empty be default.

What version of Asterisk?

version 1.4 — nothing was added by me but something else may have added it. I remember glancing at it as I was deleting and it was some sort of long number but I really didn’t pay attention (obviously). I was exiting the editor and out of reflex hit the y to save… Now my IAX phones wont register.

Found it…

All fixed now…