Help moving from Asterisknow to Freepbx


I am running an older version of Asterisk now (about 2 years old) and it is using Asterisk 1.8.11. It was suggested that I should switch to Freepbx in order to keep things simple going forward. I have a digium FXO card.

I did a backup on my existing asterisknow server. I then loaded the lastest 64bit freepbx in a virutalbox PC to restore & test. I get a lot of errors similar to:

I would like to transfer all my extensions, routes, etc over to the new system of Freepbx & use that going forward.

I do not use voicemail at all & dont need any of that type of data saved.

Is there some easier way to migrate over? I read somthing about a change in the Dahdi database (or something like that). Any help would be appreciated.


Migrating from 2.8 to 2.11 using backup and restore is going to cause you problems. On the asterisk now machine you need to upgrade all the way up to 2.11 then make the backup. Then restore the backup into the distro

I read something about an issue upgrading from asterisknow 2.x to 3.x. Do you know what version of freepbx would be the equal to what i am running now?

I would rather install the older freepbx, get everything working on that version, then upgrade to the new freepbx.

Would that work?

Rephrasing that, i have a virtual PC running the latest Freepbx, I wouldn’t mind backing up my existing server, restoring it onto the freepbx counterpart of that version, then upgrading the virtual PC to the latest freepbx, then installing the latest freepbx on my physical box & importing the backup of the VM.

I am trying to upgrade the asterisknow machine but i am stuck with php 5.1 & I need php 5.3, A yum install basically breaks the machine. I am feeling stuck.