HELP....manual installation not working

Hi all,

I have installed the following server but I can’t make any calls to PSTN:

Installed CentOS5
Installed Asterisk 1.4.18
Zaptel drivers

This is my first time to manually install the server and it went without any hiccups at all.

After complete installation. I am getting “All circuits are busy pls try your call again later” when I try to dial through my provider.

The setup I have for the provider SIP trunk is the same one that I have been using for couple of years. I can call my voicemail *97 fine I also tried to call other IP phones and they seem alright (ringing).

It seems I am mmissing some settings under sip or extensions.conf

Where are we supposed to add Codec settings?

Where do we add a Callingcard context?


But this is