Help in somewhat of a complex configuration involving Follow me

I have a work from home employee. She is ext 109 on Freepbx. I have it set to where if she doesn’t answer in 2 - 3 rings, it then goes to her follow me which is her cell phone. At 5pm she stops working hits the DND button on her phone so her phone doesnt ring. But of course the follow me still works. She has varying shifts, so I can’t set up a time condition as her shift does vary. Is there a way with a BLF key that she can press one button and it turns off her ext and her follow me?

So FollowMe is set to Enabled and the only number in the FollowMe Group List is the cell phone? Do any of the Alt Destinations have the Force FollowMe option?

This is what the follow me group looks like. I have xxxx the last numbers for obvious reasons


If you use the Do Not Disturb feature of FreePBX, when set calls should go directly to voicemail (or other unavailable handling).

You can set it manually with the default feature code of *78 and turn it off with *79. On most IP phones, you can program a BLF key to toggle DND and reflect the status on its indicator.

If you are already doing this, with DND on, does the Extensions page show her DND column checked? If so, post a log of a failing (i.e. ringing her cell phone) call.

But is FollowMe always enabled? And what is the strategy? Remember if FollowMe is always enabled it checks that first before attempting to call the extension directly.

Right now if it’s the default “ringall” then the call is hitting both her IP phone AND her cell phone at the same time. The phone being on DND will return a busy but then it’s still going to call her cell phone.

So a couple things need to be done.

  1. The DND cannot be set at the phone level, it needs to be set at the PBX level so the PBX can see the extension in a BUSY state.
  2. The FollowMe strategy needs to be Ringallv2-prim

That strategy will not call other members of the Group List if the extension is the first member of the list and IS BUSY/INUSE. It’s meant to only use the group list IF the device isn’t in use in some way.

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Sorry, I missed that and it is indeed necessary. Even without DND on, it’s important – if she’s on the phone and another call comes in, it won’t obnoxiously ring her cell phone (she can still answer the new call via call waiting on the desk phone).

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I had Ringallv2 on - NOT Ringallv2-prim

As soon as I changed it to Ringallv2-prim, problem solved

Thanks you

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