Help in Creating new mode

Actually I have already two modes running manually on my freepbx as Day_Mode and Night_Mode, but I am very new to Freepbx, and have given a task for creating a new mode as “Holiday/Event Mode” which should act as a mailbox director, so please let me know from where to starts for this and what to know about this.
Actually I have done this something here:

  1. Created Virtual Extension(for mailbox purpose only)
  2. Created IVR which will point to Virtual Extension
  3. Created Call Flow Control(CFC) code as *289 which will point to above IVR

but when I trying to activate CFC its not working, am I missing anything or something else is there.

Please let me know.


Please read the private message I sent you.

I have deleted all your duplicate posts.

Have you pointed the inbound route to the Call Flow Control?


No I have not pointed the inbound route to the CFC, but instead searching another way to accomplish this task. Because I have so many Inbound Routes setup no Freepbx, and I dont want to messup with them, so just finding another way to do this.

Please let me know if there is any other way to activate the CFC for all incoming calls.


Can you please help me in creating a new mode, we have 2 modes already running as night mode and day mode, and now we want to make on new mode as holiday mode which we can manually activate, so please let me know what to go for to achieve this.

waiting for your answer