Help I'm New


I have decided to ditch Trixbox(after reading some musings on this forum), and try FreePBX Distro.

The setup is hanging at:

Testing for internet access
Cleaning up logging configuration
Please wait while we install FreePBX GUI
This can take anywhere from 5-10 Minutes

Now i have left it for about 2 hours.

I don’t know if it is actually doing anything,
I also tried a new clean install, same thing.

I have tried searching on the forum, and googling, but have not found an answer.

Is it something obvious that I am missing?


the version is Stable-2.210.62-6 x64

This sounds like a network issue. When the install asks you for network info what did you enter in? What IP did FreePBX get assigned? Do you have access to the Internet from the FreePBX box?

just went back to the machine to check, and now it is saying …Enabling Asterisk Modules.

…so maybe i was just impatient, although 5-10minutes vs 3 hours.

i will leave it running and report back soon.


ok, left it overnight, and this morning i am on the login screen!

I had the same problem on some of my installation. On some, I even was not able to finish installation. I believe the problem is somewhere within the load balancing(DNS??) mechanism of freepbx distro’s download servers or my ISP is blocking one of the download servers.