Help help help help

Please someone get back to me ASAP . I have several trixbox systems out there with freepbx version 2.2.1. I just did a upgrade of modules and now I have lost control of the system. No mods I make in setup will do anything. One system at a customer I had to upgrade top beta to correct the problem and now NO SIP PHONES CAN CALL EACH OTHER. NO call progress is working. I hate to ask but can someone e-mail me directly [email protected]

we can provide paid support to review your system and see what went wrong and get it on line. You can pm me directly to make arrangements - I will be available after 1:00PM PDT.

I am going to reply to freepbx first. My systems are trixbox both 1.2.3 and 2.2 This weekend I did module update for my freepbx v2.2.0 and 2.2.1 systems. All systems now exhibit the same problem. I can make changes in the gui screens but it does not make any difference in the system. When I check the config files there is no changes. ??? No matter what I do makes no change. So I moved one of online systems to beta2.3 because my beta system works fine and now I have a brick. I can see the system, I can make changes but there is no call progress inbound. Nothing works. No phones ring either sip or zap. No call progress from zap trunks to extensions. no call progress from zap to time and then groups. Although the call does come in and go to IVR. I can call out! Was there a bug in the last update, how do I get back. Mainly how do I fix the beta 2.3 back down.


next time a more descriptive topic title would be appreciated.