Help FTP Access

Hello I am learning a lot of new things here but i cant find everything i need at the forum, and i have not idea of how doing it my own.

I need access to the phone call records tru FTP so i can download them easy. may someone help me? i am a new user, please be patient with me, im learning fastest as i can.



I am not quite sure how to do what you want, it might not actually be easily doable but I don`t understand why you would resort to something as complex as downloading using FTP when you can request those records in CSV format from the CDR report and easily process them using OpenOffice, LibreOffice or MS Office.

Unless of course you want to automatize this?

Have a nice day!


They are stored in the ‘asteriskcdrdb’ database, they’re not a file. You could configure CDR-to-CSV with the instructions here

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Lots of thanks!!

I will try it and let you know !!

And yes Marbled i wanted to automatize it, cause this way i can give a person without knowing of computers access to them…