HELP! FreePBX registration error

Hello, I’m new to freePBX and the forum. I’m a volunteer and walked into this configuration w/ zero documentation. I had to restore our FreePBX VM from a backup and I’m having a SIP registration error. Our SIP trunking provider shows that I’m trying to register w/ an old sub account name. I’ve updated the Inbound Trunk register string w/ the proper credentials, however when I run, “SIP Registry” from the Astrick CLI it still shows the old sub account name. To note, we are using an extremely dated version of FreePBX ( Once I get this up and running my goal is to build a new VM w/ an updated version. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!


Look at the file
and report whether it has an entry for the old username and whether there is one for the new username.

If it’s correct, possibly Asterisk didn’t process the reload properly, try restarting Asterisk or rebooting the VM.

If it’s wrong, open the GUI page for the trunk, press Submit Changes (without changing anything) and then press Apply Config. Note whether any errors are reported and whether it fixes the contents of sip_registrations.conf .

Hi! Thanks for your assistance. That fixed that issue. Registration is correct. I can make outbound calls, however inbound calls receive a busy signal. I’ve scoured the forums, but so far no luck. My inbound trunk is correct, including registration.

After restoring from the backup (which I presume used the old sub-account), in addition to fixing the registration string, you must edit the username and password in the various places they appear in the Peer Details and User Details for the trunk(s) involved. Check that it was done properly.

If that’s not it:

On a failing inbound call attempt, does anything appear in the Asterisk log? If so, post the relevant entries. If not, what (if anything) does the provider’s log show for the call? (With some providers, you need to check a box or change a setting to show unanswered calls.)

When you solve your immediate issues, you will want to use this page to migrate to a supportable system:

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