Help: FreePBX issue out of a sudden

we are using freepbx for over two years now, everything was fine. today, out of a sudden, CPU spiked top 100% and asterisk was not answering calls anymore. i rebooted the server, because i remembered we had that issue months ago and a server reboot solved the problem.
after the reboot the issue remains.
i can see that calls are incoming via sngrep. in asterisk i can only see that with the call the message
Setting global variable ‘SIPDOMAIN’ to ‘’
appears. In this moment the CPU goes up to 100% and more. After 2 minutes (!!!) I see normal messaging within asterisk.

There was no change in freepbx. We are connected to “Deutsche Telekom” with pjsip, which worked fine before and still works for my provate freepbx installation.

can anyone help?

edit: because nothing works, i upgraded everything to the latest stable version (last update was done 6 weeks before, don’t remember the version). now running:
asterisk 16.11.1

here the sip messaging. have a look at the timestamps…:
kind regards,

Was this upstream issue with your telco ?

Were you always sending G722 codec in the invite ? Maybe try G711A ?

i guess it was an upstream issue, but not codec related, because that wasn’t changed at the end. i assume it was something to do with line registrations.

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