Help freepbx ipkall sip2sip sip trunk

I am having trouble getting this ipkall to work with sip2sip on my freepbx i have the latest version of freepbx i just downloaded the distro and installed last night. I followed a tutorial on nerdvittles for setting up ipkall with sip2sip for sip trunking. I have the asterisk cli open with extreme verbose on and when i call my ipkall number i see nothing showing up in the cli. The sip registry show its registered:
Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time N 2233544169 105 Registered Sat, 06 Dec 2014 12:50:03
in the sip2sip history I see calls have come to them from ipkall but I never get them on my end.
I am on DSL behind a nat router with rtp ports 10000 - 20000 forwarded to my freepbx machine. I have been messing with this system for the past 12 hours solid trying to just test things out before I make the commitment to move my landline over to this system which would be far more affordable for me. Basically my end goal is to get ipkall to work with my freepbx. I have 2 pc linux based softphones, as well as 2 anddroid phones that all register just fine to my freepbx and they can all call each other just fine with no issues.
I have googled around for many hours and only came across a couple other posts anywhere that talk about using ipkall with sip2sip as I know A because I am being a nat router I cannot use ipkall direct to my machine and B that would be bad form to do that since ipkall is just a DID service not a sip trunk but sip2sip is a sip trunk that I can register to and should get around any nat issues that would be caused without registration. I am open to any suggestions. I got FreePBX in hopes that the google voice trick would still work since I did find a nerdvittles post from this October saying that previous account on GV were grandfathered in or something and that it still worked with the XMPP method but that I found out is not the case, I also manually uploaded the older freepbx google voice modules only to have that not work either, which is not a surprise because google is not inept developers and when they say they are going to end a service feature they end it properly. If anyone has any suggestion please do not hesitate to help me out. I am trying to start a small remote technical support business from home from recently becoming disabled and do not want to go on disability, and having this service with the free ipkall DID would be a start for me to test out freepbx. If it does work out I plan on using another service for DID and termination that is affordable, but do not want to invest in anything until I know for sure that all of this will work with my setup.
I have also updates all modules and everything in case that is something people might ask that could be causing my issue. If I need to post any further logs or anything be specific as to where I would find any information you would need to help me out as I am not entirely new to asterisk but the last version of asterisk I used was 1.2 and it has been quite awhile and I am only 16 hours in now on ever using freepbx.

  • Joshua