Help FreePBX - Activating E1 Card TE110P for call receiving

I has a E1 Card Digium TE110P and has many troubles in installing it on FreePBX FreePBX
Anyone can help me. I´m a beginner in FreePBX Gui.

Thanks for all


Can you give some details about the troubles you’re experiencing? Also, is this card being set up for PRI? It would help to know what type of line you’re trying to configure the card for.

Do you have access to the command line on your system? If so, what do you see when running “dahdi_hardware” or “service dahdi status”? Here’s an example what the output might look like for some: Having trouble with a new server and T1 / PRI setup

If the card is correctly detected and you’re looking for configuration help, maybe try some settings similar to the screenshot in this post: Please help me configure TE133 Single-Span T1/E1 Card use FreePBX However, you will likely want to use PRI - CPE instead of PRI - NET if this is a standard PRI line from your telco.

If you feel like you have things configured correctly but there are issues when placing/receiving calls, it would be helpful to see what asterisk shows when doing a test call:

Hopefully someone with more experience with the setup will have more ideas.

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