Help for newbie

I was about to build my first Trixbox system but have just found FreePBX. Can someone (briefly) explain the difference between FreePBX & Trixbox, both the software implemetation & the controlling organizations.

Hello people I’m testing and learning over Asterisk. I’ve chose Tribox implementation and I’m trying to configurate the sip module for use with IP phones (Polycom 301)
I need a guide to apply and test.

Sorry I’ve posted in a mistake place

FreePBX is what transforms the Asterisk Softswitch into a fully functional PBX. Trixbox takes FreePBX and puts it on a CentOS ISO. They then put a handful of other goodies that you may or may not be interested in on their ISO. For most people who use Trixbox, it is a means to install FreePBX ontop of an ISO without doing it themselves. And the hopes that the trixbox iso will be maintained with regular rpms to make it easier to upgrade things like asterisk. (No need for FreePBX, once you’ve loaded 2.3 it does it all itself).

As far as the relationship between the organizations, there is none. FreePBX is it’s own entity. It is sponsored by ‘us’ some of the Developers and we have Atengo LLC as our entity. There is no other attachments of any form between us and Trixbox/Fonality.

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Just to check I’ve got this correct: Trixbox = FreePBX + CentOS + Goodies all wrapped up into a self installing iso? So I can start with Trixbox & when I’ve learnt how to drive it I can maintain & modify it through the FreePBX & Asterisk forums?

I just don’t want to have to learn Linux & FreePBX/Asterisk all at the same time.

Well yes that is basically it. Although you are dependent on Trixbox keeping up and getting the build right. Their success seems to come in waves. Once you get an ISO with a working version of FreePBX, the next best thing to do is to upgrade it to FreePBX 2.3 if it is not already so. Once on 2.3 you can just use our Online Module Administration depot to keep your system up to date. Before 2.3 you could only keep your modules but not your “FreePBX framework” or your “Core” module updated through the system. That was added in 2.3.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx

For me Trixbox is for testing and a lot of that other stuff they add is mostly unnecessary fluff/bloat. When it’s time to get serious and do production installs I load Linux/Asterisk/FreePBX from scratch. It’s not that hard and you will know more about exactly what it is your doing. There are detailed instructions for several different versions of Linux.

IMHO, if you don’t know enough to be able to install Linux/Asterisk/FreePBX from scratch you shouldn’t be doing a Production install. Trixbox just gives you a longer rope to hang yourself with. Again, just IMHO.

Many thanks for the advice, I think I’ll learn on Trixbox & then build a Linux/Asterisk/FreePBX system from scratch once I know what I’m doing!