Help for newbie - extremely appreciated

Hi to all, this is my first message here.
Thank you all for your time reading and ready to help…

I setup a new freepbx and as a newbie i got help from the provider.

So what they did is: switched the port 5060 to legacy sip and configured 5160 for pjsip.

So the config is: the trunk from asterisk to provider is on legacy sip 5060, this is working fine
and the mobile devices (i use zoiper on mobile) is 5160.

When the provider did this change, i deleted my account and made a new one (to set the mobiles with pjsip so i have mydomain :5160 to devices.

IT’s working but I get the message “You are connecting to a server with a low re-registration time. Battery life will not be optimal. Please contact your Voip provider or PBX server admin.”

I tried to find timeout settings in the PJSIP but there are not (in legacy sip they are, but not in PJSip).

Can you please kindly help me what i need to do?

Also, i had groundwire (iphone) and after some time it was stop ringing if i tried to call (idle, timeout etc?), so I switched to Zoiper (iphone) and subscribed.

But I always get this message on the iphone so I can’t even type.

Any help/ideas?

Many thanks!!!


I changed all parameters, no luck still getting the same message

what i didnt change?? what i actually need to change?

many thanks

Consider looking into “Advanced” settings of your PJSIP extension and increase “Minimum Expiration” timeout to at least 60 seconds.

Instead of focusing on the error message, you need to consider what you want the system to do.

If the Zoiper app will only be used when connected via Wi-Fi on the same LAN as the PBX, set both Qualify Frequency and Minimum Expiration for the extension to 1800 and you should be good to go.

However, if you will be using the device over mobile data or remote Wi-Fi networks, you need frequent registration / qualify e.g. every two minutes to keep the NAT association alive. Unfortunately, that eats battery fast and you won’t be satisfied. Using SIP over TCP (instead of UDP) helps and the result may be acceptable.

Otherwise, push notifications are the best solution; additional battery consumption when idle is zero. Once properly set up, your error messages should also be gone. Unfortunately, AFAIK none of the free SIP apps support push, though all the major paid apps do.

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