Help for a novice please


Just starting out with SIP so lots to learn.

I’m struggling to get a SIP trunk to work and was hoping for an explanation as to what “doing dnsmgr_lookup for” actually is doing. IS it attempting to do the same job that M$ nslookup does?

thanks in advance

I think you are referring to the debug messages that are on the asterisk CLI?
those messages are from the built in DNS name resolusion process of asterisk, they are for debugging and inform you that an DNS lookup for the mensioned FQDN has just been performed.


Thanks for the reply Richard,

Yes it is from the debug output. I understand that it is doing a DNS lookup against the FQDN. What I am trying to learn is does it work the same as windows Nslookup. ie if I do an nslookup against a proxy will it return all IP addresses or just the first?

Kind regards

anyone knows how to get rid of
"doing dnsmgr_lookup…" messages
in /var/log/asterisk/full ?
thank you