Help: Contacts deleted

Stupid mistake. Deleted a private contact group with 50 contacts by mistake.

I have a full backup. Any way I can restore all contacts only. I cannot lose the text messages from today.

Or at least how to access them so I can print them and reenter.

Thanks for your help.

The data is all stored in SQL in the tarball, but it’s spread across many tables:

MariaDB [asterisk]> show tables like "contactmanager%";
| Tables_in_asterisk (contactmanager%) |
| contactmanager_entry_emails          |
| contactmanager_entry_images          |
| contactmanager_entry_numbers         |
| contactmanager_entry_speeddials      |
| contactmanager_entry_userman_images  |
| contactmanager_entry_websites        |
| contactmanager_entry_xmpps           |
| contactmanager_group_entries         |
| contactmanager_groups                |
9 rows in set (0.01 sec)

In your place I would prob spin up a quick and dirty VM and restore the backup, then bulk export the missing contacts to bulk import back in.

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Thanks. Great idea.

Does the restore overwrite the machines IP address? If so, how do I manually change it to avid the conflict with the “old” machine?

No. But if you’re not careful, it will re-register your trunks which can cause a conflict with your production system. Immediately delete/disable post restore.

I was able to restore the contacts! Thank you so much for your help!

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Is there an easy way to (temporary) disable the trunks? I can not switch them off, as they are in use. So I would have to delete them from the routes, but that is not easy to restore.

Found it.

fwconsole trunks
fwconsole trunks --disable N


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