Help configure an extension with a time schedule

I’m looking for help configuring an extension based on time.

I want a particular extension to ring during business hours, but want calls to that extension forwarded to an external number when the office is closed (night, weekends, holidays).

How best can this be done?



You’ll want to look at Applications > TimeGroups/TimeConditions:

You’ll then want to configure the route (Connectivity > Inbound Routes) to point at your Time Condition.

The rest should just work!



Thanks. The thing that has me puzzled is the inbound route. I want the
time condition to apply to a single extension and not to all incoming
calls. Can that work?

I think you probably want to use the extension’s Follow-Me, no need to touch inbound routes. Create a time group/condition with that toggles between the external number (Misc Destination) and terminate call, hangup. Create a Misc Application that goes to this Time Condition. In the extension’s follow me list, add the feature code for the Misc Application (suffixed by a # character, read the help text) and the extension number. Apply settings. The end result is that your extension will ring for all calls (internal and external) placed to it and after hours it will also ring your external number. It may take a while to set up an external call so you prob want to adjust the time it takes for voicemail to answer.

Thanks, Lorne! I will give this a try.

I checkout out the Time Condition and Time Group functionality, and got it to do what I want it to do.

Many thanks!

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