[Help] Choose a specific trunk from queue dialout

Hi there!
I’m new and ignorant about astersik and freepbx…
I’ve set up a debian distro with asterisk 1.6 (manual installation) and freePBX.
After some days everything works as I expected… Now I need some little geeks…

I have 2 pure SIP geo phone numbers (2 SIP trunks), some local extensions ans some queues for doing this:

  1. Someone call the TRUNK1 number
  2. All extensions are ringing (ring group)
  3. after some seconds an IVR say to choose between leave a message or forward as urgent call

CASE A: leave a message… OK
CASE B: forward as urgent

  • music on hold, CID prefix “URG:” and dial the first queue: ring group with all extensions again for 30 seconds
  • first queue fails: ==>> second queue with mobile phone numbers as agents <<==
    (- second queue fails: message “sorry, not possible to transfer the call”.)

My question is:

the default trunk for queues dialout is the first trunk…
I need to dial out those calls with the second trunk (like a service unpublished number) in order to set my (and other) mobile phone to play a different ring ad display a phonebook entry like “URGENT from HOME”.

Is there a trick to pass the “trunk” I want to use in the queue agent extensions lines?

(If I use a dial pattern in the outbound configuration, it affects “normal” calls to)

Thanks in advance!

create a custom trunk using “Local/{queuenumber}@from-internal as the dial string”