Help can't get 3c to work in uk


I’ve got a working freepbx system (asterisk now dist)

I can’t get 3c to work, I’ve followed the instruction on;

and tried adding an inbound route, but no joy. Just get the ‘the number is not in service’ when I ring, even with debug of the sip peer nothing seems to be process when a call inbound is made, the only thing that seem relevant in the logs is;
Sending to (no NAT)
Looking for 44[my 3c number] in from-sip-external (domain [my external ip])

i’m not using the from-sip-external only the ‘from-trunk’ for my PSTN and SIPGate inbound.

many thanks for any help.

regards, Adrian

found firewall was blocking a different ip address that was initiating the sip session,

now to find out how to configure multiple trunks to resolve rather than allowing in anonymous sip sessions.