Help! Can't access CDR thru FreePBX Reports Tab

I was able to access CDR before until I upgraded to FreePBX from, when I access it now it says “YOU MUST ACCESS THE CDR THROUGH THE ASTERISK MANAGEMENT PORTAL!”

I had the same problem but it was because I did a Yum update. The Yum update upgraded my Centos to 5.2. It changed the ownership of a key file. The FreePBX upgrade had nothing to do with the problem.

See this thread for the fix:

That fixed it for me.

Thanks I’ve resolved it, I also need to edit cdr_mysql.conf because I changed the default asteriskuser mysql password.

Thank you.


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Another easy fix is:

  1. Determine the save path:

grep save_path /etc/php.ini

should result in something like:

session.save_path = /var/lib/php/session

  1. Fix ownership

For the identified directory, change the ownership of that to be asterisk:

chown asterisk /var/lib/php/session

I got this solution from