Help, calls going straight to vm after applying patches

hi, last night i applied a bunch of module and system updates. after the updates, all inbound calls and station to station calls go directly to vm. outbound calls are fine. here is a log of an inbound call attempt…

any help would be greatly appreciated.

click here for log

update…outgoing calls do not work either, there is another log from that
click here for outgoing log

for anyone who cares, i purchased a support ticket and worked with 2 engineers (they were pretty sharp). we discovered a bug in the update to core that changed the “Media Encryption” option on ALL extension from srtp (where i had it set) to none! ug!!! they upgraded me to edge core but i still had to go in by hand and change all 90 extensions back to srtp

hope this helps someone…if you are using srtp…beware!

Had the same issue about 3 weeks ago.