Help applying patch for presence subscription - Cisco IP Phone

I have several Cisco 7970 IP phones connected to FreePBX 2.9. I would like to enable the ability to use the BLF lights on these phones. There is a known issue and several patches to fix this issue with Asterisk.

I see that the version of Asterisk being used with this FreePBX install is When I look on the bug page, I see patches for several versions of Asterisk, but none for I tried to use the patch for, but I got a bunch of errors while applying the patch.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could go about getting this resolved? Perhaps there are some minor modifications that could be made to the patch to get it working with


Since you have to stopy using the repo and build from source you can use the latest version that supports your feature. You will also have to use the override file to add the blf parameter to each peer. I

It appears that the next version up that has an available patch is 10.0. Since I keep hearing that 1.8 is stable, and because the system is currently in use, I’m reluctant to scrap it.