HELP! Active Calls Showing with no extensions in use

Hi all,

I have an odd problem whereby this morning I had a line showing active on the graph on the system overview, but no user was on a phone, and there were no trunks in use. I tried to call into the office this afternoon to find I had a line busy tone, but nobody was even in the office (I found out later). So upon my return, I started to check things. The graph shows 2 active calls, and I was the only person in, so no extensions in use. I’m a little confused as to what is going on here. I’m rather hoping I’ve not got outgoing calls still active and therefore going to cost a lot of money!?

Is anyone able to shed light on what might cause this? Obviously I now have no lines available for customers to call in on. I have unplugged the lines for 5 minutes from the BT sockets to see if it resets.

I’m running Asterisk Version 11.8.1 and FreePBX Version 12.0.76


Just an update, I’ve managed to clear this by disconnecting the lines.

Would I be right in thinking somewhere isn’t hanging up correctly? I don’t want this to happen anymore so would rather get to the bottom of the problem. There have been no issues today so I’ll keep monitoring it. Are there any Android Apps out there that can monitor these kinds of things?

Now you need to find what, if any, disconnect supervision your vendor provides. Then match your dahdi configuration to suit.

Bloomin Telco! I never got a straight answer last time I rang them! I’ll get back onto them tomorrow.