Help about 10 sec silent between IVR and calling. Next Problem is with QUEUE :(


i have little problem with my IVR. My costumer said to me that he want IVR with some sounds and when people use digits he want next ivr with some informations more and next call to group telephones. OK i did it but when IVR is coming to next IVR all is okay, information continueas around 5 sec and after it i have 10 sec quiet… after this 10 sec call is starting to group. I don’t know why.
I really dont understand my problem, because in IVR i have all times change to 0 for fast calling.

Secound problem is with Queue. I have 2 extensions in 1 group calling. this same what with IVR up.
When i change in Extension Busy: Queue 500 and if somebody is calling more to this group Queue is starting with information about busy after it, is countdown ( what is your number in queue ) and forexample, if sombody hangup talk, Queue is not coming to free telephone. Still is saying in handset “You are first in queue, please wait for your turn”. Nothing to do…

Can sombody help me with thats problems?? Please.

btw. Sorry for my bad english :confused:


Are you saying that it’s something like this?
inbound route->IVR (plays normal) ->IVR2 (plays only 5 seconds then silence for 10 seconds) ->Ring Group

I assume there was supposed to be more than 5 seconds in the IVR2 recording and it’s not playing? Sounds like a bad recording. It might be laying a 15 second recording where the last 10 seconds just happens to be silence.

OR is there no exit for IVR2 so it’s sitting there until the Timeout expires?

On the second problem are you in Ring Groups or Queues? You lost me when you start talking about “group queue”. Is it a group? Or is it a queue? And is this same group or queue the same as the destination in the IVR2? You didn’t confuse the two did you?

Yes. It is how did you understand. “inbound route->IVR (plays normal) ->IVR2 (plays only 5 seconds then silence for 10 seconds) ->Ring Group”

BUT IVR 2 have to be 5 sec only, because it is only 1 information. I checked recording in editor and it have only 5 sec. isnt silent after it or more “silent seconds”.

In IVR2 i have that options:
Announcement : Informujemy
Direct Dial : Extensions
Timeout: 0
Invalid Retries : Disable
Timeout Retries : 0
Timeout Retry Recording : None
Append Original Annoucement : None
Timeout Recording : None
Timeout Destination: Ring Groups 782/783<600>
Return to IVR after VM : none

I have that options because i wanna automatycly IVR2 without select digits. Do You Understand? inbound route->IVR (plays normal) WITH DIGITS -> IVR2-WITHOUT DIGITS (AUTO) ->Ring Group

Second Problem:
I dont confuse thats two issues. I have 2 phones in ring group. and if that 2 phones are busy i want Queue. I checked , queue is working on 50% only because when i start use queue in Extension > Busy > Queue, and change settings at phones to disable “call waiting” busy isn’t start to queue only said “terminate call”. But when i use call waiting in phones. Queue is start and do recordings but after it i have only ring signal and on phones you can see that somebody is on next line. but when when phone 1 will start to be free, queue isnt coming to call.

Sorry again for my english… my gramar is very low xD haha. But Please help me. My cheef will fire me if i will not do that…

Since IVR2 has no selections, it’s really just a chance to play a recording, why not set up your call as IVR1->Ring Group and set an announcement in the Ring group? That way there’s no need for IVR2 at all. The caller would still hear the recording you’re playing for IVR2 before they’re sent to the ring group.

And actually you don’t need a ring group at all do you? I don’t see that it’s doing anything for you that you can’t do directly in the Queue with the Join Announcement.

So why not do IVR1(with options) ->Queue1(with your 5 second Join Announcement) and be done with it?


So if i make announcement in ring group i will have my “information” after when somebody use digits in Ivr1? I good understand?

about Queue. I Want queue only there when my two lines (ring group) will be busy. and if somebody will come to queue i want to he hear a recording aboout “all agents are busy now please wait some seconds” for example and when 1 line will be free i want to queue join caller to one of free line in ring group.

One more question. How Can i change recordings about “who are you in queue” from default english to my recordings what i have?

I’m not sure of the names of the file in the archive that present your position in the queue.

I still think you don’t need both the ring group and the queue. It could be combined into one queue. You could send them directly into the queue from the IVR and play your first bit of information as an announcement. The caller hears the message and is placed into the queue. Both agent’s phones start to ring. If neither of them answer your caller then hears the Caller Position Announcement which can let them know agents are busy and will be with them shortly.

If they hold for too long you can either send them to another Queue with new messages or you could send them to a voicemail so they can leave a message.

1.But how can i chose extensions in queue for ringing in group?

  1. in queue can i make announcemnt with information > call and later when agents are busy can i have 1 more my recording and later possition in queue?
    I need something like it: Ivr1 > queue ( with information) > call group> IF busy> queue > Information about “all agents are busy” > witch of you are in queue

3.Do you know any program for convert wav to .Ulaw or .GSM? because all what is find in google are stupid programs… not working or dont know that format…