Helios IP Vario Door Phone and Freepbx


I am wanting to connect an Helios IP Vario IP door phone - as an extension - to my FreePBX setup (FreePBX 12.0.65 - Asterisk 11.17.1) with the idea that, by using a Grandstream GXV3240 IP phone as another extension, I can see people at the door on the Grandstream before opening (via door phone internal relay)…

Now - I have been testing the Helios unit and so far, and, can successfully call an internal extension (or ring group) from the door phone and answer/open the door relay all fine (and call the door - auto answer - etc). What I have been unable to do is to get any video feed.

I have enabled the Video Support in FreePBX under Sip Settings (and ticked the h264 codec), told the Helios unit is must use the h264 codec, same with the Grandstream phone… matched Max Bit Rate settings on all three (FBX/HELIOS/GRANDSTREAM).

My feeling regarding failure so far on not seeing video images with the voice is that it may be a setting in either the Grandstream/Helios units, but, in case I need to enable a protocol within FreePBXAsterisk,etc. and to try and make this middle part of the setup as correct as I can before going forward - wonder if anyone on the forum could give me any settings within FreePBX/Asterisk I need to be aware of in order to go forward.

Thanks - as always - in advance to anyone who can help.


PS - My Helios has the gold licence installed if that helps…


Got it all working fine, in my bid to super secure my system I had “dissallow all” and “allow only (audio codecs)” setup in the SIP extensions, after adding “allow H263 as well as my used audio codecs” the video images and audio came through perfectly… I even get a preview of the gate video phone prior to answering the call, so watch out if you are not invited to the party ;-).