Heavy queue usage

Thank you “p_lindheimer” for the post here: http://www.freepbx.org/news/2010-02-26/heavy-queue-usage-in-freepbx

After a month of using Elastix and trying to get my queues working efficiently I FINALLY found this article and was very pleased about what it said.

I am working on a PBX that has 14 separate queues and as many as 75 agents in 1 queue. So after reading this article I ditched Elastix, and just installed a copy of AsterixNOW and fully updated it. Then I added ‘S’ to my agent extensions in my queues (as they are all SIP extensions), and tested the new settings. Sure enough, the dialparties.agi script is not called and the severe CPU hit the server was taking when I had just 3 calls hitting my 75 agent queue went away, and all is good. I could not be happier as this brings me much closer to finishing this project that should not have taken me as long as it already has.

The only thing I am concerned about is that by doing things this way I am giving up some sort of functionality. Although at this stage in testing, I don’t see any issues there, but I am afraid of what I do not see.

So my question is, that by doing things this way, what functionality am I giving up and is there perhaps a ‘better’ method of working around this issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.


If you have Agent Restrictions set to Extensions only, then you should not be giving up any significant functionality beyond the implied restriction of that setting.

If the extension has any call recording settings specific to that extensions, those will be ignored. There may be some subtle things but nothing that should matter.

One of the biggest issues in the past but were resolved in the current release was the in-ability to transfer a received call from the queue to someone’s voicemail.

Thank you for your reply… it is greatly appreciated. Sounds like I got it configured correctly then. Been a long road getting to this point, and I sure have learned a lot. Thanks for all your help!