Hearing own Music on hold when call on hold in foreign pbx (solution)

On some outbound calls when getting put on hold by the “callee” we are hearing our own MOH.
Is there a way to disable the re-invite? I believe this is what is causing our MOH to start playing.

Here at the Total IP laboratory (Brazil) we have been investigating a way to fix this solution for a long time. And thanks to the understanding of our Expert Renan Costa, we found the solution. Our IT Manager Giovane Oliveira asked us to share this solution here.


same => n,Set(HOLD_INTERCEPT(set=))
same => n,Dial(TECHNOLOGY/${EXTEN},45,TI)

What happens when the caller puts the call on hold? Since that will catch any hold frames on the channel. Was that also tested with this? Which tech was used for testing this? Chan_pjsip has some rules about how to set variables on the callee channel when dialing.

same => n,Set(HOLD_INTERCEPT(set)) there is no need for the = after set.

Now when the caller puts the call on hold, nothing else happens. Yes, we tested it and it is no longer happening.

When we make a call to a POTS/PSTN or MOBILE phone, putting it in HOLD does not activate the source channel in Asterisk.

The technology was chan_sip.so, unfortunately we still don’t use chan_pjsip.so, but the evolution to such technology is on the schedule.

About not being necessary ‘=’, good to know let’s approve that too. Thanks for the info.

To clarify for outbound calls. If I have hold music I want to callee to hear when I put them on hold they hear it?

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