Headset Pinout?

We just migrated from Cisco phones to PBXact and the wired headsets we have stopped working. A friend told me that he heard the pinout is different for Sangoma phones than it is for Cisco and all I’d need to do is to crimp a new end on with the right pinout and our existing headsets will work. This would certainly be a fast & simple solution! All of our users are used to & like the existing headsets, plus a least expensive replacement that the wiki says works with Sangoma phones is $70 + $20 for a required cable. Users would like it because they won’t have more change, the boss would like it because we’d save money, and I’d like it because I could make the users shut up about their headsets not working… :wink:

With only 4 wires, I should be able to find it by experimenting (there are only 15 possible combinations left if I remember enough from my stats class years ago to do math), but would rather just do it right to begin with. Does anyone know what pinout the Sangoma phones expect for a wired headset?

Or, is the guy who told me this incorrect?

It’s the Cisco that’s wired strange. Most of the rest of the world use the same wire config.

LOL - doesn’t surprise me at all that Cisco does things backwards from everyone else… fits the rest of their gear! :wink: :laughing:

Thanks for the info on that Dave - was able to find a graphic on wikipedia (below) and found that the pinout should be Black-Red-Green-Yellow instead of the Green-Black-Red-White our old headsets have. (Assuming white is really yellow or whatever factory made them ran out of yellow sheathed wire…) I’ll test it out & report back results for anyone finding this thread in the future. :slight_smile:

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