Having trouble with 2 factor authorization - audio cutting off first part of call

I am having trouble with using 2 factor authorization with Microsoft Azure. One of the options is to call your desk phone and confirm a login. I am running a FreePBX 15 system with PRI connections to the PSTN and both chan-sip and PJSIP phones (we are in the process of converting about a thousand phones).

When Azure calls the desk phone it rings, then when we answer it the audio prompts have already started to play and most of the prompt has already played before we can hear it. If we know what the response should be we can enter it and it works. However the part of the prompt which specifies what the response should be is cut off before we can answer the phone. Microsoft says it has to do with the signaling speed. I assume this means microsoft gets a signal that the call is answered and then starts playing the prompt.

Is there a way to insert a delay before FreePBX sends the answered signal after the phone is picked up?

You have a call flow for the inbound call the causes the channel to be answered before the ringing extension is answered. Perhaps an announcement, or queue, or something. A call trace will show you at exactly when the channel is answered. Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

The inbound route that I am testing with goes right to the users extension. No call flow, queue or ivr. This is a direct inward dial number.

Do you have Fax Detect or Force Answer on the Inbound Route as both would cause this?

We do have fax detect and fax pro commercial module on the inbound routes (A very popular feature here). I will try to turn that off on the extension I am testing and see if it works. Thanks for the clue.

If the inbound calls always come from a known caller ID number(s) you can set up an inbound route(s) for it that does not have fax detect enabled.

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Fantastic Idea, I will have to experiment with that. Thank you again.

That was the solution. I created a second inbound route to that did for the caller ID that this 2 factor authorization comes from with out fax enabled. and everything works. Thank you all again.

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